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About us About VFFOTO


The company presentation:

- the company started its activity in 2008,
- the owner is Vladimir Fucik,
- the company originally  sells photo accessories mainly by Phottix, JJC and JNT companies,
- later, the company specializes only on its own photographic filters under the VFFOTO brand,
- currently we are able to offer, to our customers, TOP quality UV filter, polarizing filter, ND filter and ND filters for drones DJI brand Phantom 3 and 4,
- very significant is first-class service to our customers, too.

The company main milestones:
2008 launch of the website: www.vffoto.com,
2011 launch of the website: www.vffoto.sk,
2012 placing of the first UV and polarizing filters of brand VFFOTO on the Czech and Slovak markets,
2013 placing of the first ND filters of brand VFFOTO on market,
2014 placing of own ND filters (brand VFFOTO) with the antireflective layers, 
2014 start production of graduated ND filtrs brand VFFOTO first-class quality,
2015 production of the "Goldens" series UV and ND filters with brass rings,
2016 first very dark ND filter (ND 2000x) in the Czech and Slovak Republik at our "Gold series"
2017 placing ND filters for DJ Phantoms 3 and 4 on Czech and Slovak market,
2017 production square filters VFFOTO NHDQ 100 mm series (graduated grey, ND 2000x and ND 320000x)
2018 producing and start selling of variable ND filtrs VFFOTO PS ( new construction).
2019 launch a completely redesigned site www.vffoto.com. The largest VFFOTO filter, the UV filter GS 105 mm. Start production a new range of original photographic filters with magnetic attachment. A unique version of the polarizing filter "Colors of Nature" with a more accurate representation of the colors, suitable for photographers of plants, animals and insects.